Wonder for Water…

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Water is a wonder in my life.

I visualize amazing, purified water in ponds, streams, lakes and oceans. I watch the beauty with my mind’s eye, as water purifies, all of her dependents breathe deeply with a sigh of relief.

I love water in any state. Wherever I go, whatever water I interact with, whether it be a polluted puddle, a picturesque pond, an ocean filled with plastic, or a seemingly perfect stream, I send all bodies of water love with my thoughts, spoken words, and heartfelt intentions.

I drink water often. After a meal, I ponder water making peace with the acid in my stomach, helping sort through nutrients and roughage. I listen to water directing this traffic inside of me. I feel water bring energy and connection back to me. I carry extra water with me for times when someone may be in need….

I observe water. I watch it in a stream, in a lake, I wonder at its immense presence in an ocean or the individuality of a single drop in a roaring storm of rain.

I shower with presence of the true power of water. I experience the massaging touch, the movement of molecules on and off my body. I glow in the presence and power of water’s flow over me.

I share water. I mindfully give it to plants inside and outside. I watch as water sustains life, giving back fruits and other offerings in the cycle of sharing.

I swim in water, maybe in a tub, possibly in a stream, dangerously in a public puddle, or freely in a deep sea. I feel the body of water lessening gravity’s tug on my bones and muscles. I cherish how water holds my full body with ease and strength.

I play with water. I try a water slide. I dive in head first to a pond-pool. I play with water’s energy just above its surface. I squeeze water in my hand, squirting it playfully at a friend, at my lover, or with uncanny accuracy into the parched, open mouth of my enemy.

I go for a skate on some frozen water. I feel the supportive surface pushing up on my skates. I visualize the liquid created between the fine line of my blades and the cold hard surface of the ice. This tiny amount of water moves me. I imagine the spot I skate on during the hottest day of the summer. A fish swims under the ice, following my every move, trying to make the puck hop off my hockey stick and onto the girl’s who is catching up behind me.

I talk to water. I tell water how beautiful she is. I thank her for being so abundant in my life. I practice saying words of beauty and wonder to the water in my life.

I wonder for water.


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