Lost and Found in Nature – One, Oh, One

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101 – The maiden voyage. I hope you didn’t get champagne on your screen or a cork in the eyeball. But let’s be formal: “Welcome to the first post for “L o s t  a n d  F o u n d   i n  N a t u r e (imagine a deep, drawn out announcer voice)!” The ship currently feels a bit empty today, but I appreciate you early adopters (friends following of a forced nature) and you would-be ‘frequent sailors.’ If this resonates with you, please pass it along to my ‘Ideal Reader.’

My ideal reader is anyone who is interested in exploring the benefits of their senses in Nature.* Some of you can’t seem to get out and into it quite enough. When you’re there, you can’t quite get enough of it either. You are a bit self-admittedly strange, but your camouflage blends you into your surroundings relatively well (for some of you it’s a journey you’re about to experience). A few of you are often lost making sense of this world, whether with interpersonal relationships, or in market manufacturing, or overseas tax shelters. You’re quite aware of truth out there, and so you think, “Why wouldn’t everyone operate in it?” Then your self-checks (your own, carefully crafted, ego-less third person point of view, and your close ‘peeps’) reveal where and when you’ve chosen to avoid your own superpowers.

Photo courtesy Sabrynn Dugsin-Porchuk

Getting back into Nature soothes you…you know, the running streams, the dense, lush forests and the fields teaming with colourful wildflowers. You really do seek, even if you don’t know it, restorative nature experiences** as a kind of re-connection, or ‘binding back’ with Nature. These experiences will saturate you with Vitamin N(ature) you may carry this medicine strongly within. And then, ‘Pooof!’ You return…. you return back to the ‘mostly-human world.’

For many, the Nature we played with as kids slipped away so quickly. Remember. At some point you realize that you need to get back to your own nature just as much as Nature in the forest, the prairie, the swamp or the savanna. This is your pain point (I’m supposed to somehow address this in these posts). Your challenge revealed; rediscovering your own (lost) nature while trying to stay connected to Nature. This relationship is challenged all the time. Many things tug at your time, your energy and cloud your choices. Many barriers, including the destruction of Nature, of which we are all a part of on a daily basis, are placed between our own nature and that greater one which is supposed to feed us (on many levels). “Just what kind of a relationship is this?” No wonder we’re so lost most of the time!

With a bit of luck, self determination, and smart work, we find ourselves from time to time. Our own nature gives us our own medicine that we carry in the world to undertake our ‘task.’ That’s what this blog is here for. I will shed light on ways we’re Lost and Found in Nature. I explore the many meanings of this self-proclaimed clever (one of the top things to do in a blog) title, while opening up my own medicine cabinet to share a dose or two with you. And that’s Lost and Found in Nature 101, first class (well, you be the judge).

*Nature – in italics, with a capital denotes ‘The more than human world,’ where natural habitats predominate instead of primarily humans.
**A Restorative Nature Experience – the title of my business/practice is defined as “An experience within the more than human world (Nature) that facilitates self-discovery.”


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