Look-a-Likes Welcome Winter

by | Nov 14, 2016 | 0 comments

Last night the moon was so bright and the sky was super clear. But, was it cold! There’s something about 3 or 4’C that often seems colder to me than when the mercury dips below zero.

This is my ultra-short homage to the greener, warmer days of spring, summer and fall. Enjoy these ‘look-a-likes.’ These are my top three that I’ve found on my travels the last couple of years here in southern Ontario.

If you have come across some look-a-likes yourself, please post in the comment section below….I’m always on the search for a laugh in nature.

What you see here? It was a little startling from further back even! Yes, indeed, it’s a freshwater alligator that has come up out of the Humber River to bask at Boyd Conservation Area in Vaughan, just north of Toronto.
Once a Sand Castle, I came across this Friendly Sand Monster after a thunderstorm at Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. The rain soaked me thoroughly through my rain gear. I can only imagine how big this sand empire once was before the torrential downpours.
Goddess that appeared on the woodwork of an outdoor canopy where we were eating lunch. I think she dislocated her left shoulder after performing an incredible magical act. This image is remarkably (jaw-droppingly) similar to that used for a tattoo on a certain someone I know quite well. I even love the halo above her head…my mentor Thorn would call this her ‘God Soul.’


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