Embark on a Transformative Journey: The Intersection of Nature, Healing, and Purpose in Costa Rica’s Rainforests

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For the first time, the Global Institute of Forest Therapy is extending an extraordinary invitation to those impassioned by nature’s embrace and eager to share this profound connection with others, an immersive training opportunity, just north of the equator. Picture this: an opportunity not just to dwell in the heart of our planet’s most vibrant biological hotbed, the rainforests of Costa Rica, but to become seasoned forest therapy guides.

Our exclusive training program, slated from February 25th  to March 3rd, 2024, promises an unparalleled experience, a blend of tropical immersion and expert guidance. We’ve forged an alliance with a remarkable family whose dedication birthed a pioneering research and training centre nestled in the verdant landscapes of Costa Rica. Here, amidst the bountiful richness of nature, participants will glean insights from seasoned professionals in ecology, psychology, and forest therapy. Our mission: to shape individuals into highly skilled conduits, nurturing the reconnection between humanity and the natural world, thereby fostering healing, growth, and leadership.

Together, we embark on a journey where nature becomes our guide and healer (“Guided by Nature, We Heal”).

The Inspirational Journey of Meghan and Davis: Cultivators of Rainforest Restoration

Meet Meghan and Davis, the visionary couple behind the Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat, an oasis in the heart of Costa Rica’s rainforests. Their story is one of passion, dedication, and the tireless pursuit of a sustainable future intertwined with nature’s abundant gifts. In 2006, fueled by a shared dream of positive impact, Meghan and Davis acquired 55 acres of the Sarapiqui Riverfront. They envisioned a haven that not only supported the economically challenged Sarapiqui region but also safeguarded its rich biodiversity. Living on-site with their three children – Lluvia, Aedan, and Kiara – they embarked on a journey toward sustainable tourism and rainforest conservation. Their commitment to sustainable practices is evident in every facet of the retreat.

Following Rainforest Alliance guidelines, they incorporated recycled materials, implemented rainwater catchment systems, and embraced solar projects during construction. Their ethos of sustainability extends to the exclusive use of biodegradable products, local staff hiring, and unwavering support for the local economy.

The retreat serves not only as a sanctuary for biodiversity but also as a center for educational and community development initiatives. Through partnerships with organizations like the World Leadership School, they’ve supported local schools, facilitating projects like playgrounds, basketball courts, and library facilities. Beyond its offerings as a retreat, Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat embodies the essence of regenerative tourism. Visitors partake not just in an eco-friendly escape, but also contribute to a collective effort towards meaningful and enduring change in the Sarapiqui region.


Join Us on a Journey of Purpose and Renewal

Now, as we announce our unique training program in partnership with the Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat, we invite you to be part of this transformative experience. Enroll in our training and immerse yourself in the rainforests of Costa Rica while learning the profound art of forest therapy. Only a few spots remain for this rare opportunity. Discover more about the training program and secure your place by following the link below. Let us together pave the way for a future where healing, nature, and purpose converge.

January 12 – 19, 2024: https://www.giftoftheforest.com/certification-trainingftgprograms/-costa-rica-jan-12-jan-19-2023


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