Boost Urban Ecology, Reduce Eco-Footprint, Juice Your Connection With Nature…One Event, One Day

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Seeds of change; Blue Cohosh ripening in the morning dew.

Boost, Reduce and Juice….Are you in Detroit, Toronto, or Buffalo (or anywhere in between)? Looking to find a way to transfer your yard from a carbon emitting source to a sequestering sink? Are you ready to invite fascinating wildlife back to your chunk of the urban landscape? Afraid to camp, or don’t know where to go on a Forest Therapy walk? One event is offering the complete inside scoop to these and many other worthwhile personal endeavours.

Smack dab in the middle of these worldly cities is London, Ontario – home of the universe-shaking, Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo to be hosted this coming Sat. April 8th at Western Fair District’s Agriplex. That’s a lot of hype, I know. It might just be worth it.

Taking first steps in areas that aren’t one’s expertise are often troubling. Made easy for you, Carolinian Canada, an overachieving (for its small size), small non-profit has pooled together experts in gardening, outdoor adventure, ‘going green’ and for you under one roof. London’s Western Fair District is home to the convergence event of native landscape expertise, nature lovers, green designers and advisers, and recreation masters.

Three Screech Owlets. 

Here’s a snippet of what I’m talking about:

  • Native Plant Gardening; access experts through talks, native plant nursery tables, expert landscape designers and installers, purchase native plants; join the awesome, soon to be launched, World Wildlife Fund-backed, “In the Zone” gardening program for your access to loads of free gardening advice, services and network support
  • Wildlife Access; live hawks, owls, vultures, eagles, snakes, turtles, frogs – learn to identify, conserve and learn how to help foster respect and help recover declining populations
  • Green Living; tips, demonstrations, leaders and access to new products and services – learn what it’s like to live off the grid and how to apply this to daily living to save money, environmental impacts and to add a little character to go against the grain in the age of mass consumption
  • Adventurers; discover hidden locations for hiking, cycling, camping and paddling…climb an indoor wall, learn about geocaching, get a Discovery Pass from Parks Canada and so much more
  • Families; loads of stations, crafts and events for kids including a creepy crawly, up close bug encounter, hands on snakes and turtle feature and woodworking for wildlife to build homes for birds, bats and more


Male American Toad calling in a backyard pond. Photo courtesy Mathis Natvik.

Alternatively, you could go on your computer and Google for a few weeks, read about some ideas, wondering if it’s all just ‘fake news.’ Make an optimal appointment to get glasses from all your eye strain. Then, make a bunch of calls to find that you can’t find the personal expert insight that is fully assessed at Go Wild Grow Wild. Yah, come join us in person!

Saturday April 8th, 10am – 4pm, at Western Fair District’s Metroland Media Agriplex. $5 for adults, kids 12 and under are free.


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