As a family guy with some wonderful children and a great extended family, I have much gratitude for the abundant life growing up and living in Canada.

For over a decade, I lived off grid  with solar panels, a wind turbine, composting toilets, and a rainwater collection system (and a large facial beard), while helping recover endangered species in the process.

As an ecologist, I enjoy speaking, writing, connecting, and ‘loving hard’ to help recover natural landscapes of forests, prairies, and wetlands. At home, I’ve invited nature back; my urban yard consists of over 200 species of native plants, including wetland, forest, and prairie. As a gift, wildlife has returned; nesting owls, migrating birds, dragonflies, butterflies, toads, frogs and more. I have also teamed up with First Nations (indigenous North Americans) communities, doing wildlife and plant inventories and assessed impacts of large scale renewable energy megaprojects. This includes completing a Traditional Medicinal Native Plant Inventory, offering access to these ancient medicines for healing.

As a speaker, and a writer, I seek to rediscover, what’s truly meaningful, leading towards a life that’s more deeply connected and fully in charge in every (most) moment(s). A person empowered from this place of knowing, is just as happy and willing to experience love as parent as one is to be revered at one’s workplace.

Courses and trainings in various modalities I have taken which inform me include Reiki, Access Consciousness, Spiritual Evolution, Yoga (500-hour Hatha), and Forest Therapy (guide, and trainer).

I am co-founder of the Global Institute of Forest Therapy. We train people to become certified forest therapy guides. This ‘ancient, modern practice’ is truly critical work for these ages, as disconnection from ‘the more than human world’ is at an all time high.

I team up with other ‘guest writers’ and other consultants to collaborate on projects. Contact me to speak, consult, or advise in any of the above areas. Best to you on your journey.

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