Lost and Found In Nature is a blog inspired by a body of work of which I am a practitioner – Restorative Nature Experiences (RNE). An R.N.E. is any experience, great or small, that occurs within the ‘more-than-human world’ (henceforth called, capital N, ‘Nature’) that facilitates even the tiniest bit of self discovery. Self discovery, brings one closer to their own nature, personal truthful awarenesses, life path or calling. Anyone skilled, experienced, or open enough, can be such a practitioner or administer self-treatments in RNE. Guiding one in these placesĀ is indeed a crafted skill. A key advantage is shrinking the ‘time to self-discovery’ and then obtaining a lasting effect to carry into the ‘tamed world,’ where we live a more domesticated existence, largely outside of Nature. Lost and Found In Nature occurred to me primarily because I have been, so many times in my life, lost within the powers of Nature. As a result, I have also many times found my true nature in being lost in Nature.

For a little further depth, capital ‘N’ Nature is any place where humans may be prevalent, but aren’t dominant. A dominant presence of humans in Nature most often leads to an area becoming much less than Nature, and more so human-impacted, human-re-created, and thus human-dominated. This doesn’t have to be the case. Many times in history, and in a few cases presently, humans can live in Nature as a part of Nature, as they are true to their own nature. Our nature is to live in Nature with gratitude, reciprocation, awe, wonder, and resilience, all in pure intimacy.

I am an advocate. I believe in getting lost and found in nature, in all the senses of its meanings. On the level of the metaphor, the experience, and symbolism, losing something, oneself, the life of an animal, a plant, or one’s innocence, getting lost and found in nature is one of the answers to our troubled times. Who are we? Where do we belong? What should we do next? How should we be?